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Standards Australia has recently released a 2019 update to Australian Standard AS3996: Access covers and grates. Used extensively in countless infrastructure projects across the nation, the importance of these civil products is not to be taken lightly.

Grates and covers are present at all road and construction works. They provide safe access for pedestrian and vehicular movement across trenches & other voids, allowing the secure passage of stormwater, sewerage or access plant and equipment beneath. They are essential load-bearing elements which must conform to the appropriate standard.

Various items listed in the previous version of the Standard (AS3996:2006) have now been excluded from the current release. These include:

  • Access covers with any wooden structural component
  • Grey cast iron in Classes D, E, F and G
  • Structural infill covers

Changes and additions in the new Standard include, but are not limited to:

  • The inclusion of polymeric materials in Classes A to D
  • An increase in the Class D load rating from 210kN to 240kN
  • Mandatory permanent marking of all products with the date of the Standard, i.e. AS3996:2019
  • Updated definitions of ductile iron and mild steel
  • Specific fastening requirements for covers and grates used in road applications
  • A reclassification of minor streets and roads to Class C

For a full breakdown of the changes in the new AS3996 and how it may impact your business, please use the button below to request a one-on-one appointment with our Melbourne-based consultants.

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