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Learnings from SVC’s recent attendance at the Modular Construction and Pre-Fabrication ANZ Seminar:

The building and construction industry has seen a growing trend in modular construction, and governments are beginning to opt in, adopting modular and pre-fab initiatives in many new developments.

What is it?
Modular construction involves the prefabrication of materials in a controlled factory environment, where repetitive production of building modules is followed by quick assembly of building components on-site. This reduces traditional construction timelines significantly, as materials can be produced while work is happening on-site.

What are the benefits?
Apart from hefty time savings, the factory-controlled process of module production means less waste, less energy expenditure and safer working conditions. Building components can also be re-used, and in some cases modular buildings can be fully disassembled and re-assembled in a new location.

Adopting modular construction principles
To reap the benefits of modular construction, designers should consider the production process and material selection early on in the design. A switch to prefabricated, repeatable elements is a great place to start.

SVC is no stranger to pre-fabrication, as all our products are designed to be ready for installation once they leave our site. We’ve worked on some great projects featuring modular furniture, and look forward to many more modular projects in the near future.

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