The Benefits of Encased Access Covers and Grates

Access covers and stormwater grates are essential items used in the construction of stormwater and drainage infrastructure. Though these products are typically purchased in raw format, there are many benefits available to savvy contractors who opt to use pre-encased access covers and grates.

The superior strength of reinforced concrete

Raw access cover and grate products are installed with a concrete surround that is boxed up and poured in-situ, often with the same concrete mix as what is used to construct the kerb. These installations typically do not include any reinforcements in the concrete surround.

In contrast, the concrete used to produce encased access covers and grates is made from a high-strength, 40MPa concrete mix, which is additionally reinforced with steel or fibres. The strength of the concrete encasement creates a stronger, more robust grate or cover solution that will outperform an in-situ product and provide a longer service life.

Consistent quality you can count on

Precast concrete encasements are produced using purpose-built steel moulds, meaning that products will always be sized correctly to fit exact dimensions. As the manufacturing process takes place in a controlled factory environment, products can be monitored closely to ensure that they meet all quality criteria before they are delivered to site.

Different to an on-site concrete pour that takes place outdoors with full exposure to the elements, the controls within a factory environment assure that the quality and appearance of pre-encased grates and covers remain consistent, creating a neat, tidy aesthetic that is repeated throughout the project.

Time savings allow faster project completion

Encased access covers and grates can be installed quickly and efficiently once they arrive on-site. The inclusion of lifting points within the concrete encasements allows products to be manoeuvred safely and carefully into place, and installation can be completed in less than a day.

In comparison, in-situ concrete typically requires at least 2-3 days to accommodate the construction of timber formwork, the pouring and finishing of concrete and the additional time required for the concrete to set and cure. For contractors working to tight deadlines, these time savings can be crucial in delivering the project on time.

The option to customise

A lesser-known feature of encased access covers and grates is that they can be made to suit different colour and finish options. Where there are specific visual requirements or existing site assets that need to be matched, this is likely to be much more achievable when using products that are pre-encased in concrete. Where colour accuracy is important, test concrete samples can also be provided beforehand for peace of mind.

How SVC can help

SVC has supplied access covers and stormwater grates to countless civil and infrastructure projects. As a specialist manufacturer of precast concrete products, we are highly confident in our ability to supply high quality, purpose-built concrete encasements for our grate and access cover products.

If you’re thinking of using encased access covers or grates in your next project, contact our team to learn how we can assist.

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