SVC’s shift to renewable energy

//SVC’s shift to renewable energy

SVC is now operating on solar energy

Yes, we’ve made the switch to solar!

Melbourne Energy Group has completed an extensive installation of solar panels on the offices and factories spread across our home base in Mordialloc. Thanks to the large expanse of roof surfaces available on-premises, the total cumulative energy generated by our solar panels will actually surpass the total amount consumed by our business operations.

This important switch to renewable energy significantly reduces our consumption of fossil fuels and lowers our carbon footprint, while also allowing us to redirect any excess energy back into the power grid. In April 2022, our solar panels yielded a total of 17.027MWh of energy, translating to a CO2 reduction of almost 2 tonnes!

The switch to solar is just one of SVC’s sustainability initiatives that we aim to roll out across all other SVC branches. Learn more about what we’re doing in the sustainability space by clicking the button below.

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