SVC Pits: Made with Carbon-Neutral Concrete

//SVC Pits: Made with Carbon-Neutral Concrete

As a manufacturer of precast concrete products, SVC is committed to adopting sustainable practices across our business and minimising the impacts of our activities on the environment.

Our ultimate aim is to achieve carbon neutrality across our entire business operations, which we’ll accomplish by identifying and implementing opportunities to reduce our carbon emissions and by establishing partnerships with other like-minded businesses.

Achieving net-zero is an ambitious long-term goal that will not happen overnight. SVC has recently launched an inaugural Sustainability Charter which outlines our objectives, priorities and the staged process we’ll follow as we work towards this goal.

Our first step towards carbon-zero

Since late 2021, SVC has begun using Holcim Australia‘s EcoPact Zero ready-mix concrete to produce all standard stormwater pits in our Civil product range. This special concrete mix uses locally sourced Australian materials and is 100% carbon-neutral, meaning that the embodied carbon in the concrete component of our stock pits is 100% reduced.

EcoPact Zero has received Climate Active certification through the Australian Government, offering eligible carbon emission offsets through certified environmental projects.

What impact does this have on the pits?

Prior to the rollout of EcoPact Zero across all standard pit production, SVC conducted various trials and strength tests throughout the 28-day curing process to ensure that there were no negative effects on the performance and quality of pits made with the EcoPact mix. Fortunately, EcoPact Zero worked perfectly in our pit production processes, even resulting in pits that achieved a higher overall strength after 28 days compared to the previous concrete mix.

SVC has absorbed all costs associated with the adoption and usage of EcoPact Zero in our standard pit production, choosing not to increase pit pricing for our customers. Our decision to switch to EcoPact Zero was based on the strong environmental benefits associated with this product, and in alignment with our vision of becoming Australia’s most environmentally sustainable precast concrete manufacturer.

With a production figure of approximately 8500 standard stormwater pits in a 12-month period, we are excited at the yearly CO2 savings to be gained by using carbon-neutral concrete. It translates to a significant reduction in our carbon footprint, and we look forward to introducing carbon-neutral concrete into more of our products in the near future.


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