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Australian cities are gradually increasing in residential density, as the demand for inner city living continues to grow and new residential towers spring up in the blink of an eye. Residents have begun to compromise on private gardens and backyards, instead favouring apartments or townhouses located closer to metropolitan hubs. Suddenly, we have more neighbours than ever before.

An article from UNSW suggests that this crowding has led residents to spend more time out of home, frequenting public spaces like libraries, shopping centres, parks and plazas. But are these public spaces sufficient for our everyday living needs, enough to provide the comfort of a home?

The influx of activity in the public domain presents a great opportunity to design clever spaces and smart furniture that can do more than a typical park bench. Imagine this: a solar-powered, wi-fi equipped table and bench suite that allows you to plug in and use your laptop out in the glorious sunshine.

SVC encourages the design of smart furniture that can make our cities more habitable, enjoyable and impressive on a global scale. In 2017, we collaborated with Maben Group to deliver curved concrete bench modules for MALA Studio’s Docklands CLEC masterplan, which featured integrated LED lighting and mobile charging outlets.

Our aim is to collaborate with designers to achieve multi-functionality, increase user interaction and promote safe spaces, without diminishing visual character or durability. If you looking to develop your idea for a product that can do more than the norm, start the conversation via the button below and we will work together to achieve a functional solution.

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