SVC is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of precast concrete solutions for civil and landscape construction. As such, our team is proud to have completed numerous civic and urban projects using a wide range of concrete products, such as concrete pavers, concrete planters and safety bollards.

Why should you choose precast concrete solutions?

Precast concrete products are used in a variety of applications, ranging from housing to manufacturing and on to larger urban and civic projects. But what makes them a popular choice?

Here are some of the benefits offered by precast concrete solutions.

Precast concrete products help improve efficiency in installation

Since precast concrete products arrive on site ready to be installed, the construction schedule wouldn’t need to accommodate adjustments otherwise needed for standard cement products. Additionally, since precast concrete products are manufactured under controlled conditions in factories, their specifications are likelier to meet design specifications. There also would be no need to spend time building platforms and waiting for concrete to cure.

Precast concrete products are cost effective

With less time on site needed for precast concrete products, the costs for propping and scaffolding are also reduced. There is no need to order more raw materials like reinforcing steel and concrete.

Precast concrete products help with energy efficiency

Manufacturing precast concrete products require less energy than standard concrete, and it also generates less noise and debris on site. Precast concrete materials are environmentally safe and can help lower a building’s heating and cooling requirements when used as sandwich panels during construction.

Precast concrete products are extremely durable

Precast concrete products are resistant to fire, chemicals and most substances, leading to superior and long performance. It can be designed to withstand corrosive elements and substances, and it wouldn’t lose its structural capacity as rapidly as materials like steel.

SVC Precast Concrete Solutions

Some of our precast concrete solutions are the following.

Concrete Pavers

SVC concrete pavers demonstrate beauty, strength and longevity. They have been designed to exhibit a timeless elegance that will not fade, within any commercial or residential application.

Concrete Planters

SVC concrete planters exhibit the best in both functional and aesthetic beauty. Built strong and sturdy and made to last many years, these concrete planters are available in round or rectilinear shapes and can be used in both residential and commercial applications.

Safety Bollards

Whilst performing their main task of maintaining pedestrian safety, our safety bollards are also designed to look visually appealing in their site environment. Clients may also request bespoke shapes or options to use bollards as seating, or to incorporate lighting or signage elements.

Concrete Pits

Our stock range of concrete pits consists of several standard sizes, with compatible pit risers also available to easily extend pit height. We also manufacture custom-sized pits with knockouts and penetrations inserted where required.

Kerb Units

Precast concrete kerb units are used for traffic management, road maintenance and reconstruction. SVC houses a comprehensive range of kerb units specified for Melbourne City Council, which come in many colours and finishes and are available with many matching fittings.

Looking for innovative precast concrete solutions?

As leading concrete suppliers, SVC ensures premium quality in our precast concrete solutions. We can provide custom concrete solutions according to your unique requirements.

For enquiries and more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling 1300 287 782. We’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you out.


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