Urban Plaza, Burwood Brickworks

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Urban Plaza, Burwood Brickworks

Project Description

The shopping centre at Burwood Brickworks, a new and upcoming mixed-use development by Frasers Property, is a strong challenger for the title of the world’s most sustainable shopping centre.

In its picturesque location within parklands, landscaped reserves and open public spaces, the development incorporates a range of sustainability initiatives to achieve the ambitious goal of a 6-star Green Star rating. Designed by NH Architecture, the shopping centre operates using energy from the sun and recirculated water to reduce waste production and reliance on fossil fuels. Biophilic design is executed effectively throughout the development, encouraging the community to interact and enjoy the natural environment.

Positioned adjacent to the centre, an expansive Urban Plaza, designed by leading landscape architecture practice MDG LA, provides ample outdoor seating, cafe dining and designated areas for rest and play. Sweeping around these open spaces are organic concrete seating modules produced by SVC, which undulate through the landscape and create boundaries for garden beds, lush lawns and recreational play areas.

SVC is grateful and humbled to have been involved in this amazing project. We are inspired by the strong drive for sustainability in the Burwood Brickworks project and are working on our own initiatives to incorporate environmentally considerate, sustainable practices into our manufacturing and operations.

Project Details



Burwood, VIC 3151


August 2019


Custom concrete seating modules
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