Princes Bridge Melbourne

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Princes Bridge Melbourne

Project Description

The City of Melbourne invests significantly in the planning and design of its open urban spaces. With thousands of pedestrians and cars in the CBD at any given time, extra consideration is given to the division of space between vehicular and foot traffic.

The 130-year-old Princes Bridge is an important part of the city, providing a connecting link between the Melbourne Arts Precinct and Flinders Street Station, Federation Square and the CBD. In 2018, this frequently-traversed thoroughfare was selected as one of Melbourne’s key sites to be refurbished in the State Government and City of Melbourne’s CBD security upgrade project.

SVC worked closely with City of Melbourne designers to develop and produce 88 charcoal concrete bollards for the new streetscape. These were installed at equal intervals along the edges of the footpaths on either side of the bridge, creating a physical barrier between cars and pedestrians.

The custom bollards display a polished charcoal finish, with blasted strip recesses adding a striking design feature. The bollards are set at seat level, leaving views unobstructed and providing rest areas for passers-by.

Project Details



Melbourne, VIC 3000


June 2019


Honed charcoal concrete seat bollards with recess detail
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