Variety Livvi’s Place, Edgebrook Estate

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Variety Livvi’s Place, Edgebrook Estate

Project Description

Designed for children of all abilities, the vibrant new playspace at Stockland’s Edgebrook Estate incorporates four distinct zones that encourage interactive play and provide stimulation for young minds. Located in a growing corridor of southeast Melbourne, the central park creates a destination of its own, opening up the area up to more visitors.

Landscape design practice Spiire considered various elements in their design, catering to not only the children, who would be the main users of the space, but also the needs of their parents and carers.

Concrete seating by SVC Urban weaves throughout the area, allowing watchful guidance with minimal disruption of the children at play.

Variety Livvi’s Place has won the Park of the Year Award at the 2021 Parks and Leisure Australia Regional Awards of Excellence. SVC would like to congratulate everyone involved in bringing this project to life.

Project Details



Clyde, VIC 3978


June 2021


Custom concrete seating modules
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