Beaumaris Concourse Streetscape Upgrade

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Beaumaris Concourse Streetscape Upgrade

Project Description

The Bayside City Council’s masterplanned streetscape upgrade of Beaumaris Concourse was brought to fruition in February 2020. With a focus on strengthening the precinct as a vibrant retail and community hub, the upgrade includes new native greenery, slip-resistant pavements, attractive concrete bollards and zig-zagging concrete bench seats that together revitalise and enhance the shared space.

The red brick paving used prominently within the previous concourse design was removed during the upgrade as it was deemed unsafe for users with mobility issues. Rather than scrap the pavers entirely, chief landscape architects FFLA decided to salvage some of the bricks for reuse in the new furniture to be used in the redesign.

After trialling various concrete mixes with the crushed red brick aggregate, SVC was able to finalise a solution for the sculptural red concrete benches and the conical bollards which have now become key landmarks of the upgraded Beaumaris Concourse.

Project Details


Beaumaris, VIC 3193


February 2020


Sculptural concrete bench seats & bespoke conical bollards
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