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Stair Treads
SVC Civil

Looking for concrete step treads?

At SVC Products, we are specialists in precast concrete stair treads, designed to effortlessly complement a variety of spaces. Suitable for internal and external applications, concrete stair treads and landings provide an elegant, minimal aesthetic that is supported by the strength and clean lines of the concrete. Whether you are looking for simple stair treads or a complex one, we have the right solutions for you. Connect with us to explore the possibilities.

Stair Treads

Concrete stair treads and landings are available in beautiful finishes from SVC Products

Architectural concrete stair treads exhibit great strength and durability as well as beautiful aesthetic quality.

Standard SVC step treads are available with tactile rubber nosing strips for increased slip resistance.

Stair Landings & Slabs

At SVC, we bring you concrete stairs solutions designed to meet the requirements of modern spaces. Built to offer superior performance, our range of concrete stair treads offer the perfect fusion of design and functionality. We make use of high-strength concrete and the stair treads are designed to enrich spaces with a sleek and professional finish.

SVC can produce larger format concrete slabs and landings that are compatible with both internal and external applications. These are customisable in terms of colour, size, finish and aggregate mix.

We have wide experience and have succeeded in catering to the needs of clients from across various sectors. No matter the scale of the requirement, we are well-equipped to provide concrete stair treads of exceptional strength. Every product is created with an emphasis on quality to meet your expectations.

In case you have any questions or want to discuss your next project, please feel free to give us a call. We will take you through the options to make your project successful.