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Concrete Signage Elements

When used as a signage element, concrete makes a bold and attention-grabbing statement. A strong and durable material choice, concrete can be used in various ways and in conjunction with other materials and elements to create unique signs, blocks and posts. Contact our sales team to begin discussing your signage requirements.

Sign Bases

Due to its strength, weight and durability, concrete is a smart choice for sign bases as it is resistant to erosion and impact from weather. SVC can manufacture custom sign bases to suit a vast number of product requirements. Recent examples include geometric charcoal sign bases for Monash University.

Wayfinding Signage

SVC specialises in custom concrete wayfinding signage that can exhibit a wide range of features such as embossed lettering, varying colours and surface finishes. Contact us via the buttons below to discuss your unique requirements.


Concrete markers can be created in a range of shapes and sizes and custom options include colours, finishes and additional design features such as imprinting and stencilling.


SVC manufactures an extensive range of memorial products in partnership with the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust. Custom items such as headstones and blocks are made to order.