SVC Civil

Concrete Pavers

Beautiful, strong and long-lasting. Our concrete pavers demonstrate these three key qualities and have been designed to exhibit a timeless elegance that will not fade, within any commercial or residential application.

Anston Pavers

Anston Architectural is renowned in the landscape industry for high quality, beautiful concrete pavers. 15 colours are available across 2 paving ranges, with excellent strength and durability properties that add to the premium aesthetic. Anston is also capable of producing custom-made pavers for unique project requirements.

G2 Pavers

G2 by SVC Urban is a standout paving solution which embodies quality, value and simplicity. The G2 range was designed as a result of extensive market research into current paving trends. The range combines great durability and strength with a beautiful commercial finish and an attractive price point.

Tactile Pavers

Tactile pavers are used to guide and caution visually impaired pedestrians. Typical applications include footpaths, ramps, stairs and landings, and also on bus, train, tram stops and platforms. SVC’s tactile pavers come in a dotted or directional design, in any custom colour. They are designed to AS 1428.4-1992 – Design for access and mobility, and are compliant for slip resistance as per AS/NZS 4596:1999.

Custom Pavers

Custom paving options are available for projects that require a bespoke item. SVC Urban has a dedicated team of consultants who will work closely with you throughout the fulfilment process to develop and refine a paving product that will satisfy your requirements.