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Kerbs and Sleepers
SVC Civil


As leading concrete suppliers, SVC manufactures durable, high-quality precast concrete solutions for various applications. We have a range of concrete sleepers and kerbs that are used for retaining soil, establishing borders and boundaries, and restricting vehicular access. If you’re looking for a quality concrete retaining wall, SVC has you covered.

Kerb Units

SVC’s range of concrete kerbing products are durable and resistant to damage from impact. Available in custom shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, they have been used extensively throughout the City of Melbourne in a variety of applications such as car parking, park and garden edging and tree surrounds.


Concrete sleepers by SVC are available in various finishes such as smooth, blasted, honed or a timber grain pattern. Both individual sleepers and tiered sleeper panels are available, and are compatible with galvanised steel sleeper posts which are also available from SVC.

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