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VicRoads Products
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VicRoads-Compliant Products for Road Infrastructure

SVC stocks a wide range of products and accessories for drainage, kerbing and subsurface applications as specified in the VicRoads standard drawings for roadworks. Our precast concrete products demonstrate full compliance with VicRoads' regulatory requirements and are manufactured to high standards of quality, ensuring great product performance and long-lasting durability.

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Products in our VicRoads product range are compliant with the below VicRoads Standard Drawings:

SD 1011 / SD 1051 / SD 1061 / SD 1121 / SD 1131 / SD 1271 / SD 1301 / SD 1311 / SD 1321 / SD 1322 / SD 1411 / SD 1431 / SD 1611 / SD 1631 / SD 1921 / SD 1991

Precast Stormwater Pits

SVC is accredited by a VicRoads-qualified authority for the supply of fully compliant precast concrete pits for use in VicRoads projects.

VicRoads- compliant pits are available in custom sizes up to 2m x 2m x 4.8m high, and can be installed up to 3m below ground level (from the top of the pit). Step irons, knockouts and penetrations can be positioned as required.


Cast iron and reinforced concrete access covers are available to suit VicRoads pits in side entry and junction pit applications.

Access covers are compliant with the load ratings as specified in AS 3996:2019 for Class D vehicular traffic applications.


SVC’s range of stormwater grates for VicRoads is designed for kerbside road application, incorporating a sturdy, high performance forgebar grating design.

VicRoads grates are compliant with Load Class D as specified in AS 3996:2019, achieving the required load rating for vehicular traffic.


Barrier (B-type) and rollover (SM-type) precast concrete kerb lintels are available from SVC to suit VicRoads road infrastructure projects.

Kerb lintels comply with VicRoads standard drawings and are available in 1300mm or 1800mm lengths.


svc precast concrete endwall

SVC’s wing walls and driveable end walls are strong and durable, and are manufactured in compliance with VicRoads’ standard drawing SD1991A (TYPE 1).

Stock units are available to suit 225, 300 and 375mm diameter pipes.


A range of subsurface accessories including concrete batter outlets, flushout risers and type S1 subsurface pit and cover sets are available to purchase from SVC.

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