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Trade Waste
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Trade Waste

Trade waste refers to all liquid waste that is discharged into the sewer system from commercial, industrial, laboratory or trade activities.

SVC's trade waste pit range is suited for many applications including grease traps, cooling and straining, petrol and oil interceptors, neutralising tanks and more. Custom pits are also available to order in sizes up to 5000L.

Trade Waste Pits

SVC’s trade waste pit range is available to suit various applications, including cooling and straining, grease interceptors, petrol & oil interceptors and neutralizing tanks. Custom pits are also available to order.


Trade Waste risers are compatible with trade waste pits, and are used to extend the height of standard pits without the need for a fully customised product.


Cast Iron Access Covers by SVC Civil

Cast iron access covers are used in a wide range of civil applications and can be used in conjunction with trade waste pits. They are load-tested and compliant with AS3996:2006 and are manufactured with a standard bolt-down facility for security.

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