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Stormwater Detention Systems

Stormwater detention systems are used to prevent flooding by temporarily holding stormwater runoff and providing the flexibility to release it in a slower, controlled way. By enabling a consistent runoff rate, detention systems help to manage stormwater surge. Stormwater detention is gradually becoming an important feature in both residential and commercial projects.

At SVC, we provide comprehensive stormwater detention solutions that can assist with any flooding issues in the drainage network. Our detention systems are focused on providing a high level of performance, while also having excellent durability and strength to hold a significant amount of water weight. If you are looking for high-performance detention systems, we have solutions to accommodate various stormwater detention applications. Our range offers an economical way to control small and large volumes for various projects. No matter your requirement, you will be able to find a stormwater detention system that is perfect for your specific needs. Our experts will work with you to provide bespoke solutions as required. Connect with us to find out more about our detention systems.

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SVC’s patented MC2 multi-cell unit was designed in the 1990s in collaboration with Swinburne University. It is a low maintenance, ‘set and forget’ solution that controls the flow and discharge of stormwater from a site, preventing flooding of existing drainage systems during heavy storms.

The MC2 unit is available in various sizes to suit pipe diameters of 150mm and 225mm.


SVC’s dual-chamber Variable Control Pit provides a flexible, cost-effective method to control stormwater outflow from increased density developments.

Customers can specify their required options for inlet and outlet chamber capacity, orifice flow control, debris screening and load rating, making the VCP an applicable solution for most stormwater detention requirements.


At SVC, we strive to offer innovative product solutions to meet the diverse requirements of civil and infrastructure projects. Our 70 years of experience have enabled us to thoroughly understand what kind of system goes with what kind of structure. When you purchase a detention system from SVC, you are getting a system supported by years of skill and experience.

When it comes to stormwater detention, we build systems that are of a high quality and do not compromise on the materials we use. Our detention structures are built from quality materials and preferred for their durability. We have a stringent quality control process and take great care to offer products that comply with Australian Standards. Secure and easy to maintain, our systems require minimal upkeep and can meet the demanding requirements of your project. Given sufficient notice, our detention systems can be produced and delivered to site within tight timeframes, allowing us to help our clients meet their project deadlines.


Want a detention system to specifically suit your project variables?

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