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Steel Grates
SVC Civil

SVC brings you a huge range of stormwater grates, built to suit the requirements of civil and infrastructure projects. Offering an effective and reliable solution, our stormwater drain grates create a safer environment. Used in a broad range of stormwater applications, SVC’s galvanised steel grates are made of premium, top-quality galvanised steel which is hot-dip galvanised to the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4680. Many standard sizes are available, inclusive of additional features that make SVC steel grates the market leader in quality.

Premium Flat Grates

SVC’s premium flat grates are used in various applications to allow drainage of stormwater. Many stock sizes are readily available, all of which are compliant with AS3996:2006 for load ratings in classes A, B and D.

Premium grates are hinged and lockable via a bolt-down facility. Grates in custom dimensions and concrete-encased options are also available to order.

Kerb Grates

Flat and V-shaped kerb grates are available in either a forgebar or diamond weave surface pattern. They are compliant with AS3996:2006 load ratings in Class D and are available to purchase pre-encased in concrete. Many of SVC’s kerb grates are suited to council and VicRoads-specified kerb profiles, including B2, SM2 and WSM2.

Tiered Flood Grates

The innovative tiered grate system from SVC Civil is a unique engineering solution designed for areas prone to kerb overflow and flooding.

Tiered flood grates capture higher volumes of stormwater than standard grate systems and are optimised for installation in low points. They are available in both barrier and semi-mountable kerb profiles.

Trade Grates

Trade Grates by SVC Civil are a high-value, low-cost solution for off-road and behind-kerb drainage applications.

Available in various sizes with a galvanised steel forgebar design, trade grates are compliant with load classes A, B and C as per AS3996: Access covers and grates.

Converted Side Entry

Converted side entry grates are used to convert side entry pits into junction pits, while still allowing water to be channeled into the pit. This is often required when new driveways are built, or existing driveways extended. SVC stocks converted side entry grates in both bullnose and rollover profiles.

Trench Grates

SVC trench grates are available in Classes B, C & D, suiting clear opening widths of 150, 240 and 300mm. They are manufactured with bolts and clips for easy lockdown. The grate inserts are available in 1m modules and can be removed from the frames for extra convenience during installation.

Pedestrian Access

Pedestrian access (also known as Heelguard) grates are slip resistant and comply with AS3996:2006 for load classes A, B and C. They are available to purchase pre-encased in concrete.

Pipe Grilles

SVC manufactures galvanised steel pipe grilles to suit specifications by Melbourne Water. Standard type 1 and type 2 sizes are available in stock, and type 3 custom size pipe grilles are manufactured to order.

Surcharge Pit Grates

Surcharge pit grates are installed above a pit and are used in circumstances where stormwater may be required to discharge from the top of the pit. They consist of a hinged grate and frame and standard bolt-down legs.

Trash Grates

Trash grates are available in a stock size of 500x500mm, and are fit for detention and retention pits. Custom trash grates are also available to order.