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Rail Products


SVC offers a diverse range of precast concrete and accessory products suitable for rail applications, including solutions for electrical, communications and data; axle and signal foundations; stormwater and civil; and landscaping packages.

Our portfolio of works includes the supply of purpose-built product solutions to rail projects in Bendigo, Ararat, Lilydale, Pakenham and Craigieburn, as well as full rail product suites to new train stations at Keon Park, Bell and Preston. SVC also supplied the custom precast concrete seating modules used to furnish the new pedestrian park at Carnegie Station, delivered as part of the Level Crossing Removal Project.

Where required, our precast concrete products demonstrate full compliance with VicRoads (DTP) and 300LA regulatory requirements, ensuring great product performance and long-lasting durability. SVC Products is certified against the internationally recognised quality standard of ISO:9001, providing our customers peace of mind with regard to the quality of our products, manufacturing and operational processes.

electrical, communications & data


SVC offers a number of large-format solid wall cabling pits suited for use in electrical, communications and data applications.

A number of standard sizes are available, suiting pit clear openings from 600×600 to 3600×2400.

Custom sizes are also available upon request.


Multi-part ductile iron access covers are available from SVC, used in conjunction with solid wall pits.

The heavy-duty covers can be supplied in raw format or pre-encased in concrete. They are manufactured in compliance with AS 3996:2019, achieving a Class D load rating. 

Custom covers with higher load ratings can be priced upon application.

rail foundations & blocks

signal & axle foundations

A wide variety of concrete foundations and blocks are available to suit specific rail applications.

Products include axle and signal mast foundations, impedance blocks, boom barrier foundations, Eaton Xiria foundations and more.

Stormwater & Civil


Multiple sizes of standard stormwater pits are kept readily available in stock, ranging from 450×450 to 1200×1200 clear opening sizes. 

These precast pits include knockouts on all four walls, allowing contractors to easily insert penetrations for pipes or conduits as required.

Custom Stormwater Pits

As an alternative to standard knockout pits, SVC can support rail projects with solid wall pits that are made to order, with holes or step irons installed in specific locations as required. 

Pits can be custom-made with 100mm to 150mm wall thicknesses to suit DTP or 300LA loading requirements.


For pits with larger clear opening sizes, SVC can provide complementary 2- or 3-part cast iron covers in raw or concrete-encased format, which are available in Load Classes B or D as specified in AS 3996:2019.

Raw 2-part and 3-part covers are a stock product line with a lead time of 3-5 business days. Additional lead times are required for encasing.


Cast iron, lightweight and reinforced concrete access covers are available to suit VicRoads/DTP pits in side entry and junction pit applications.

These covers are compliant with the relevant DTP standard drawings and the load ratings as specified in AS 3996:2019.

landscaping & furniture products

precast concrete furniture

SVC’s wing walls and driveable end walls are strong and durable, and are manufactured in compliance with VicRoads’ standard drawing SD1991A (TYPE 1).

Stock units are available to suit 225, 300 and 375mm diameter pipes.

concrete pavers

Concrete pavers are optimal for rail projects due to their longevity and resistance to weather conditions. SVC offers tactile concrete pavers in a dotted or directional pattern, helping to provide physical aids for visually impaired pedestrians.

A generous range of standard concrete paving colours and sizes are also available through our sister company, Anston Architectural Products.


Reinforced concrete bollards are robust and durable, and also present an effective method for pedestrian protection around highly trafficked areas.

SVC offers a catalogue range of ready-to-make concrete bollards. Our team can also support designers looking to develop their own unique bollard design.

concrete pLANTERS

Concrete planters provide options to soften the rail landscape with live greenery, while also providing a strong physical barrier to separate pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

SVC offers a range of round and rectilinear planters that are ready to produce in a variety of colours and finishes. Our team can also support designers looking to develop a bespoke solution.

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