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Other Concrete Products
SVC Civil

Leading Suppliers of Precast Concrete Products

SVC offers a range of complementary stock and made-to-order precast concrete products for stormwater, drainage and civil applications. From a drainage or stormwater grate to concrete planters, SVC offers only premium quality and excellence.


svc precast concrete endwall

SVC’s driveable endwalls and wingwalls are strong and durable, and are manufactured in compliance with VicRoads’ standard drawing SD1991A (TYPE 1). Stock units are available to suit 225, 300 and 375mm diameter pipes. Larger sizes are also available and are manufactured to order.


svc precast concrete pipes

Steel-reinforced rubber ring joint concrete pipes are available in pipe diameters of 225, 300 and 375mm, in Class 2. Other sizes and Classes are available upon application.

All concrete pipes are manufactured in accordance with AS4058: Precast concrete pipes (pressure and non-pressure).

Box Culverts

svc precast concrete box culverts

Reinforced precast concrete box culverts are ideal for use in road and rail structures, for a range of drainage and bridging applications. These are a convenient alternative to culverts cast in-situ, as they are ready to bear traffic loads immediately following installation. SVC’s box culverts are available in a range of sizes and compliant with AS1597.1 – 2010 and AS1597.2 – 2013.

Speed Cushions

Precast concrete speed cushions or speed humps provide a long-lasting alternative to rubber or asphalt speed humps, which are easily prone to deterioration. With excellent strength and durability properties, precast concrete speed cushions allow a ‘set-and-forget’ solution with low to no maintenance required. Custom colours and aggregate mixes are available as well as three standard colours, and additional lights and reflectors can be cast in if requested.