Concrete kerbs are a vital addition to roads, footpath and a variety of other landscapes and delineate the walkway from the other sections of the road. Furthermore, concrete kerbs not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a specific streetscape, but can also increase the value of the adjacent properties. Precast concrete kerbs make a great choice and are preferred for their durability and appeal. At SVC, we bring you a comprehensive range of concrete kerbs, created to offer the perfect mix of style and functionality. You can be assured that when you get precast concrete kerbs from us, you are getting a product that not only looks fantastic, but will last for years to come. SVC is Melbourne’s largest manufacturer of precast concrete kerb units and kerb lintels and have products to suit all construction requirements. No matter the nature of your project, you can rest assured that we have the precast concrete solutions ready to suit your specific requirements.

Our large range of standard sizes accommodates all council and VicRoads specifications. Designed to adhere to the highest standards, our range is suitable for a variety of applications and offers a cost-effective option. We take pride in our attention to detail and our specific methods to produce high performing products. We only use the highest quality precast concrete to ensure that you get a product that does not compromise on functionality and utility. Available in different colours, finishes and styles, our range can add a stylish finish to projects. We are able to provide concrete kerbs that cater to every project and streetscape design.

We are aware that the requirement of every project is different and wish to offer products that precisely cater to your needs. We also provide bespoke options upon request, and you can count on our products for enriching spaces with a superior aesthetic finish. Our customised precast concrete kerbs can enable you to significantly increase the aesthetic value of any space where they are installed.


SVC also offers other premium precast concrete products. We can provide you with the concrete solutions you need, whether you’re looking for high-quality drainage or stormwater grates, access cover, stormwater pits or concrete pavers in Melbourne. Our attention to detail and dedication to product quality ensures that you will always get the best value out of our precast concrete.

We have years of experience and specialise in manufacturing precast concrete kerbs for every infrastructure need. Being at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying precast concrete kerbs has allowed us to take on projects that require large stock volumes. No matter the scale of your project, we are well-placed to provide the best products to our clients. Our product line includes several options and if you need something specific you can always connect with us to explore our bespoke solutions. We are happy to demonstrate how we can efficiently and swiftly provide you with concrete kerbs to suit your unique project requirements.

If you have any doubts, give us the opportunity to help you. Call us and we will help you find the perfect product for your next project.


SVC is the major Victorian manufacturer of kerb lintels in Victoria. Our broad range of stock lintels are specified for VicRoads and a wide range of Victorian councils, and are available in barrier (B) or rollover (SM) profiles.


SVC supplies perforated metal litter guards designed to prevent floating debris from entering stormwater infrastructure systems via the kerb lintel opening.

Made locally from 3mm galvanised steel with 19mm dia perforations, litter guards are available to suit kerb lintel throat openings of 900mm or 1000mm.


Precast concrete kerb units are used in the construction of footpaths, nature strips and traffic medians.

SVC houses a comprehensive range of kerb units made to suit the kerb specification for Melbourne City Council. MCC kerbs are available in a smooth off-mould finish or a shot-blasted, exposed aggregate finish.


Spiked kerbs are manufactured with 20mm diameter holes to allow the installation of kerb spikes for fixing down onto the road surface.

They are available in barrier and semi-mountable profiles.


Concrete wheel stops are installed in car parks to prevent vehicles from mounting pedestrian walkways or hitting walls when parking.

SVC’s wheel stops are heavy duty and durable, resisting breakage upon impact. They are manufactured with 20mm diameter holes allowing installation of kerb spikes.

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