SVC Civil


SVC is Melbourne’s largest manufacturer of precast concrete kerb units and kerb lintels. Our large range of standard sizes accommodates all council and VicRoads specifications. Different colours, finishes and bespoke options are also available upon request.

Kerb Lintels

SVC is the major Victorian manufacturer of kerb lintels in Victoria. Our broad range of stock lintels are specified for VicRoads and a wide range of Victorian councils, and are available in barrier (B) or rollover (SM) profiles.

Kerb Units

Precast concrete kerb units are used for traffic management, road maintenance and reconstruction. SVC houses a comprehensive range of kerb units specified for Melbourne City Council, which come in many colours and finishes and are available with many matching fittings.

Wheel Stops

Concrete wheel stops are installed in car parks to prevent vehicles from mounting pedestrian walkways or hitting walls when parking. SVC’s wheel stops are heavy duty and durable, resisting breakage upon impact.

Spiked Kerbs

Spiked kerbs are equipped with 20mm diameter holes to allow installation of spikes. They are available in barrier and semi-mountable profiles.