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Concrete Pits
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Concrete Pits

SVC is widely-known in Victoria for the manufacture of high-performing, durable precast concrete pits that suit a range of civil applications. Whether you’re looking for a first-class stormwater pit or other types of concrete pit, SVC ensures high quality and unmatched excellence.

Our stock range consists of several standard sizes, with compatible pit risers also available to easily extend pit height. We also manufacture custom-sized pits with knockouts and penetrations inserted where required.

All SVC pits are compliant with the AS/NZS Plumbing & Drainage Code.

IMPORTANT: To prevent the occurrence of pit failure or damage, it is imperative that the correct lifting techniques and equipment are used when transporting any SVC concrete pits. Please refer to our Product Lifting Guidelines.

Pit Bases

svc precast concrete pit bases

Concrete pits and risers are often used in civil and industrial projects in the applications of stormwater collection, electrical and communications cabling and transformer substations. A range of standard pit sizes are readily available in stock, and all pits are compliant with the AS/NZS Plumbing & Drainage Code. Fully customized pits are also available to order.

Pit Risers

svc precast concrete pit risers

Pit risers are available in a range of sizes to suit the standard pit bases, and are used to easily extend the height of a standard pit without the need for full customisation.

S1 Subsurface Pit & Cover Set

Type S1 subsurface drainage pits as specified by VicRoads in Standard Drawing 1611 are available to purchase from SVC.

Compatible round concrete covers compliant with AS3996 are also available.

VicRoads Pits & Covers

svc precast concrete pit cover vicroads

Custom pits and designed to VicRoads specifications are available to purchase from SVC. Complementary products are also available.

Proper Lifting Techniques

Four labourers crane lifting an SVC concrete pit into place.

It is important to use the correct lifting methods to lift and transport SVC’s concrete pits. Use of incorrect lifting methods and/or equipment can cause pits to fail while lifting.

Please refer to our Product Lifting Guidelines to view the correct pit lifting techniques using Swiftlift clutches and pit hooks.