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Building Products
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Building Products

SVC has a variety of precast concrete and steel products used in building and construction. All steel products are hot-dip galvanised in compliance with Australian Standard AS4680.


Structural precast concrete sleepers are used in a range of applications for earth retention and bordering. SVC manufactures a range of sleepers which can be purchased individually or as tiered sleeper panels, which save time during installation. Sleepers can be purchased with a timber patterned finish.


SVC’s concrete building lintels are structural horizontal blocks spanning window or door openings. They can be used for both structural and ornamental purposes.

Custom lengths are available upon request.


Concrete support bases are used in applications where a sturdy base is required to secure and prevent movement of a heavy product.


SVC concrete sole plates are manufactured to suit specifications from the now-dissolved Public Works Department. They are used as a base to support portable buildings and are available with corresponding metal angle brackets as connection pieces.


Guardrails and handrails are available from SVC on a made-to-order basis. These are lightweight structures constructed with galvanised steel pipes and iron FastClamp® fittings. A wide range of fittings are available, allowing flexible configurations of the railing structures.

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