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Complementary products that supplement our Civil & Infrastructure range, often used in building and construction.

Property Inlets

Dished property inlets are used to direct stormwater runoff from private properties into council easement drains

Inspection Points

Precast concrete cover and riser sets are available for use at inspection points. These are suitable for grassed, bitumen or paved areas.

Survey Marks

Survey marks are used in surveying for vertical control, marking out key points of known elevation.

SwiftLift Lifting Eyes

There are three sizes of SwiftLift lifting eyes available, ranging from 1.3 tonne to 5 tonne in lifting strength. These are compatible with all SVC concrete products which have the matching SwiftLift connector.

Pit Hooks

Pit hooks carrying up to 2 tonnes are also available to purchase.

GridLite Lifting Key

GridLite Lifting Key.

Sleeper Grab

The SVC sleeper grab is used extensively to transport individual concrete sleepers or tiered sleeper panels.

Step Irons

Step irons are installed along the internal walls of a concrete pit. SVC stocks galvanised steel and plastic step irons for purchase.