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Access Covers

SVC stocks a broad range of access covers for use in various applications such as stormwater collection, sewer infrastructure, electrical and communications uses. Our covers are made to last and are available in cast iron, precast concrete or lightweight composite. We have many standard sizes to suit council specifications, and can also provide custom-made covers upon request.

All SVC covers are compliant with the load ratings specified in Australian Standard AS 3996.

Cast Iron Access Covers

Cast iron access covers are used in a wide range of civil applications. They are load-tested and compliant with AS3996:2006 and are manufactured with a standard bolt-down facility for security. Cast iron covers are available to purchase pre-encased in concrete.

Precast Concrete Covers

Precast concrete covers are used in a range of stormwater applications. They are extremely durable and exhibit a high standard of quality. SVC’s range of precast concrete access covers consist of many items which are specified to Victorian councils and VicRoads requirements.

Grid-Lite Pit Covers

GridLite cover sets consist of a galvanised steel frame and a lightweight fibreglass composite insert. They are a durable alternative to cast iron and concrete covers, and comply with Australian Standards for Class B and C load ratings as well as Class V slip resistance. GridLite covers are also available to purchase pre-encased in concrete.

Temporary Pit & Trench Covers

Temporary Pit & Trench Covers are used to cover exposed pits and trenches on open job sites, reducing the risk of injuries to pedestrians from slipping or falling. Available to suit a maximum opening width of 700mm.

Grid-Lite Evo: Lightweight Circular Insert

The GridLite Evo Circular Insert is an innovative new lightweight cover product to be used in conjunction with SVC’s SEP60B concrete frame.

The insert can be easily retrofitted to existing SEP60B installations to replace the heavier concrete-infilled cast iron insert, and comes with a built-in locking mechanism for safety and security.