Product Solutions for Rail Infrastructure

A large pipeline of rail infrastructure works is planned for the next decade across Australia and New Zealand. In the state of Victoria, 19 major projects have been announced. Sections of larger projects such as the Suburban Rail Loop and Regional Rail Revival are currently under procurement, while others such as the Warrnambool Line Upgrade and Inland Rail package have been awarded.

Any project involving an update to rail infrastructure is usually a years-long process, involving extensive design development, community consultation and site preparation long before construction works commence.

SVC Products is a reputable concrete products manufacturer offering a diverse range of products for multiple stages of rail infrastructure development. During project tendering stages, SVC can assist contractors with product quotations, providing detailed price information on various rail products used throughout the construction process.

Stormwater and Drainage

Stormwater and drainage products, such as precast concrete pits, access covers and grates, are installed as part of the civil works package within a rail project.

SVC is an ISO:9001-accredited supplier and can provide stormwater pits and covers manufactured in compliance with VicRoads, VicTrack or 300LA loading requirements, ensuring superb product quality and long-lasting performance.

Electrical, Data & Communications


Part of a rail project is the electrical, data and communications package, requiring the installation of network and power cables below ground.

SVC manufactures a range of solid wall concrete pits in readily stocked standard sizes or large-format made-to-order options, providing solutions to suit most applications. The pits are supplied with complementary heavy-duty ductile iron covers or multi-part covers, which are load-rated to Class D or above in accordance with AS 3996:2019 – Access Covers and Grates. Solid wall concrete pits are used to house electrical, data or communications cabling.

Rail-Specific Products

Other products required specifically for rail infrastructure projects include concrete blocks and foundations for items such as signal masts, axles, boom barriers and more. Other niche items include concrete cabinets for electrical or signalling functions, such as Eaton Xiria foundations.

SVC offers a wide variety of rail foundations in its standard product range, which has expanded over time to meet the unique product requirements of rail infrastructure. SVC’s concrete rail foundations are all manufactured locally in Mordialloc, Victoria.

Outdoor Furniture and Landscaping Elements


As a rail infrastructure project nears completion, the landscaping and outdoor furniture package is one of the final stages of construction, when the site is given the finishing touches before opening to the public.

SVC offers many solutions for urban spaces and landscape design, with products such as concrete furniture, paving, bollards and planters often used to beautify streetscapes or shared community spaces.

Previous experience indicates that design teams for new rail projects tend to opt for custom or bespoke product options for outdoor seating, as opposed to selecting off-shelf designs. Custom furniture and landscape features allow designers to embody their concept more clearly, integrating design principles throughout the building’s facades, interior and exterior spaces.

SVC specialises in the manufacture of custom concrete products, offering several methods for customisation. We welcome the opportunity to work with designers and specifiers to help translate their design concepts into viable built forms.

Previous Work

SVC concrete bench modules with brick inlay at the new linear park at Carnegie Station.

SVC’s involvement in previous rail projects includes the supply of purpose-built product solutions from both Civil and Urban product suites. We have previously supplied stormwater and electrical products to rail projects in Bendigo, Ararat, Lilydale, Pakenham and Craigieburn.

In the landscaping space, SVC has supplied custom precast concrete seating modules for the new pedestrian park at Carnegie Station, delivered as part of the level crossing removal project in 2018. More recently, we have also supplied furniture products for the new train stations of Bell and Preston.



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