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Precast concrete products are moulded, poured and cured in one location. Once ready for use, products are then transported to the construction site for installation. Using this method ensures the quality and durability of the concrete, as the concrete mix is easier to control when casting in a controlled environment as opposed to pouring concrete on site.  

The benefit of pouring concrete in-situ, though, is primarily that there is no need to transport the resulting concrete items. Precast concrete products require special rigs for transportation since they are typically too large or heavy to lift without additional equipment.

Still, precasting generally produces stronger, higher quality concrete products and comes with many other positives which outweigh the convenience of pouring concrete on site.

Here are some benefits of precast concrete and reasons why it is a great choice for contractors.

Top-notch durability

Precast concrete products are often more durable than products poured on site. Since they are produced in a controlled facility with strict standards and regulations, the mix, placement and curing of the concrete are more easily managed. Product quality is achieved more efficiently.

Additionally, unlike casting concrete in-situ, weather conditions do not pose a problem for precasting. During rain, hail or shine, the same results can be achieved in a controlled factory environment, thereby ensuring consistent product quality.

Cost and time savings

Precasting concrete is a streamlined process, and the precaster can buy materials in bulk while managing multiple projects. The volume of raw material purchases can lead to greater discounts, in turn leading to lower costs for the client. The labour hours required for precasting concrete is also typically less than the labour involved in pouring concrete on site.

Using precast concrete products eliminates the need for raw materials to be stored on site, which could not only cost more but also increase risk for workers. Without the need to wait for precast concrete items to cure and gain strength on site, installation can be completed more quickly and efficiently as the precast concrete products can be stored in the factory and only delivered to site once ready for install.


Precast concrete products offer a broad variety of material aggregates, colours, finishes and shapes. Instead of plain greys and whites, the choices for your precast concrete products are virtually endless, limited only by your creativity. The process of pre-fabrication allows for mock-ups and test samples to be created beforehand, ensuring the look of the final product will be as desired. In contrast, when pouring concrete on-site, there is a higher chance that the final product will not look exactly like any pre-produced samples, due to the different environment in which the samples are manufactured.

Custom shapes and forms are easily achieved in a precast factory setting. As long as a feasible mould can be produced, the precasting process can create a wide scope of interestingly shaped concrete products that are each unique to the project or customer.

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