SVC’s vision is to be a leader in environmental sustainability within the Australian precast concrete industry. We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment, ultimately aiming to achieve carbon neutrality across our business.

SVC recognises our responsibility to help protect our community and the environment we live in. We will accomplish our vision by adopting long-term sustainable actions throughout our business operations, focusing on reusing, repurposing and recycling wherever we can, embracing new technologies and innovation, and mitigating negative environmental impacts while we continue to evaluate and improve our environmental management system.

The development of SVC’s inaugural Sustainability Charter represents our first official step towards defining our sustainability objectives, and putting the necessary processes in place to monitor and measure the impact and success of current and planned initiatives.

We are thankful for the collaboration and support of like-minded industry partners who share our approach towards an environmentally sustainable future in manufacturing and construction. We acknowledge the instrumental role these partners play in our sustainability journey, helping contribute to a better world for future generations.

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A life-cycle mindset pushes us to think about the entirety of our environmental impacts. This includes using natural resources more efficiently and sourcing them more carefully.


We embrace new technologies and approaches to manufacturing precast concrete, in order to stay abreast of opportunities to reduce our environmental impact while remaining efficient and effective in our work.


We seek methods to embrace more circular manufacturing and operational practices, helping us to reduce waste, integrate recycled materials and reduce costs.


We recognise the significant impact that concrete production has on global GHG emissions and are committed to carbon reduction strategies, leveraging opportunities to reduce emissions.


We are committed to mitigating the risks associated with pollution, contamination or hazardous materials in our manufacturing processes, while also avoiding the use of toxic materials in our supply chain.



SVC’s shift to renewable energy

SVC is now operating on solar energy Yes, we've made the switch to solar! Melbourne Energy Group has completed an extensive installation of solar panels on the offices and factories spread across our home

SVC Pits: Made with Carbon-Neutral Concrete

As a manufacturer of precast concrete products, SVC is committed to adopting sustainable practices across our business and minimising the impacts of our activities on the environment. Our ultimate aim is to achieve carbon

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Living Seawalls:
Greening the Manmade Seascape

Living and working by the sea is an ideal scenario for many, and coastal areas are becoming increasingly populated with new residences and businesses. To prepare the land for urban inhabitation, seawalls and other

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Powered by Renewable Energy

The business operations at SVC's Mordialloc headquarters are now fully powered by renewable energy, thanks to an extensive installation of solar panels on the office and factory buildings which was completed in 2022.

Due to the sheer number of panels installed, the solar energy generated by these panels now exceeds the power required for operational activities, allowing any excess energy to be diverted into the power grid.

Carbon savings from our switch to solar

Since the successful installation of solar panels at SVC's headquarters in Mordialloc (completed mid-2022), there has been a significant reduction in the overall CO2 emissions attributed to our business and operations. This is due to the extensive carbon savings from no longer having to rely on mains power generated through the consumption of fossil fuels.

Carbon savings thanks to carbon-neutral concrete

SVC has collaborated with Holcim Australia to implement a new concrete mix design for all SVC standard stormwater pits. Our precast knockout pits are now made using Holcim's EcoPact Zero - a ready mixed concrete that is 100% carbon-neutral via the use of cement substitutes and certified carbon offsets.

Holcim has gained official certification from the Australian Government's Climate Active program, which supports businesses committed to sustainability and innovation.

Harvesting rainwater for use in production

SVC has invested in large water tanks at all factories to harvest and repurpose rainwater, using it in place of mains water to reduce our consumption of potable water.

Our harvested rainwater is used for concrete production processes such as batching, slumping and washing out.

Diverting concrete waste from landfill

Excess precast waste that does not end up as part of a final product is collected as part of SVC's production process. This excess concrete is collected weekly by Alex Fraser, and recycled to create crushed road base as part of their Green Roads Initiative.

Diverting metal waste from landfill

SVC's operational activities require the use of metal for mould fabrication and steel reinforcements. Any excess metal waste from these processes is recycled via local scrap metal recycler Highett Metal, which ensures that the scrap metal and offcuts do not end up in landfill.

Metal waste is collected regularly from SVC's factories each month.

Using every last bit of concrete

When batching precast concrete mixes, there are minimum batch amounts that need to be made. This can sometimes result in excess concrete that is left over after product moulds have been filled, and typically, the excess concrete goes to waste.

To combat this problem of excess concrete waste, SVC has developed a product called EcoBlox, which are large-format, modular building blocks for outdoor applications. Leftover batched concrete is used to fill the EcoBlox moulds, ensuring the concrete is repurposed for use rather than going to landfill.

A New Life for Soft Plastics

SVC has partnered with Replas to invest in their Polyrok solution - a lightweight, plastic aggregate made from recycled consumer-grade soft plastics. Polyrok offers an alternative to natural stone aggregates and provides dual benefits - reducing the consumption of natural resources and repurposing harmful plastic waste.

SVC has successfully tested Polyrok within our in-house concrete mixes and our standard civil product range will now feature a percentage of recycled content. Future plans also include the adoption of Polyrok across all other product ranges (paving and urban furniture).