Our People

We’ve always attracted a wide-ranging team: strategists, engineers, analysts, sales, project managers and skilled labourers with diverse backgrounds, far beyond Australia and far deeper than just concrete.

We still think like a start-up and our people are instilled with entrepreneurial zeal. Thinkers and passionate workers with an eye to what’s next, we’re passionate about crafting great products.

SVC’s team is committed to mentoring, training, professional coaching and detailed career development plans. We make sure everyone continuously learns and grows.

Work with us

SVC values a safe and fulfilling workplace. We are proud of our team and hire exceptional people to be a part of it. We want to grow ourselves as individuals, who in turn grow SVC, and help our customers achieve their vision. At SVC we are excited by the opportunities presented in a rapidly changing world, where we can embrace innovation whilst recognising that we can always strive to improve.


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