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There’s an age-old debate about whether precast or in-situ concrete is the best solution, and both production methods have their own reasons for existence. Here are some reasons to choose precast over concrete poured in-situ:


Precasting of concrete is done in a controlled environment, away from detrimental weather conditions. This allows for better monitoring of the concrete mix and the production process, and provides the ability to address any issues with the products before they leave the factory.


Controlled pour conditions, strict monitoring of temperature and moisture and batch testing in the factory ensures that precast concrete elements are engineered to meet all strength and durability requirements.

Time & Cost Efficiency

Precast concrete elements can be installed rapidly on site as the elements are delivered all at once. This reduces labour costs, and eliminates time that would have been spent in setting up formwork and waiting for the concrete to gain strength before loading.


Due to the ability to reuse moulds, products are able to be constructed in bulk quantities and demonstrate high levels of consistency.


As there are less constraints around working in a factory, precast concrete is often chosen for creating custom products. The factory environment allows for repeated testing and mock-ups to be done without impacting activities on site.

Waste Reduction

Precast concrete reduces the wastage of raw materials due to exact batching methods in the plant, and often eliminates construction waste and debris on site. Scrap materials from production can also be recycled and reused.

The numerous advantages of using precast concrete are very clear. SVC will continue exploring the boundaries of what can be achieved with this medium.

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